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Higher Expectations Demand a Proven Approach

At the executive level, missteps or miscalculations can mean the difference between filling the positions with a high-impact contributor and months of lost opportunity.

Our proven process takes into consideration each phase of the talent selection journey to ensure the best talent solutions possible. During this process, we place a premium on client confidentiality and candidate privacy. We are personally committed to finding the best fit with our clients’ organization and aligning each candidate to the opportunity that best fits their future.

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Gaining a complete situational understanding of the company, the role, expectations, ideal personality/culture fit, and other relevant information is a key first step. We want to tell your story in a way that inspires prospects to want to learn more about the opportunity. We discuss leadership characteristics, industry experiences, and core values that will align with those executives with whom we share the placement. We offer nothing less than clear and transparent communication upfront on the availability of talent and the estimated difficulty of the search.

The key to finding the right candidate for a particular role is a multi-dimensional task. We understand the importance of thoughtfully aligning the “why” behind an individual’s needs and the position. We thoroughgoingly the client company’s market profile, organizational culture, position responsibilities and desired qualities will lead to accomplishment in the role and retention success. We incorporate these findings into a powerful job description that speaks to the all-encompassing aspects of the role and the hierarchy of needs.

Our tenure in the industry gives us an unparalleled access to a full, in-depth talent pool. You won’t see our ads on LinkedIn, nor do we hock unsolicited calls. We present the position to prospective executives a respectful and discreet manner within our own talent community, proprietary database, and network of sources. Understanding what makes a candidate tick, will better help formulate true and honest career objectives and aspirations. The team shares feedback and preliminary responses with the client to establish a short list of prospects for consideration.

Our team performs active interviews with prospective executives to uncover the tangible experience and the intangible factors that help distinguish them for our client’s company and the position. It is critical that the assessment be not only of intellectual and opportunity interest, but it’s important to also find someone who’s core values align with the client’s leadership and mission. We then take the steps to verify background and appraise legal terms regarding the executive leaving their current position.

Over the last three decades, we have assembled a proprietary blend of personality testing, leadership style analysis, and our own interview processes to establish a clear understanding of the executive and to ensure a thorough evaluation will occur. We identify the driving forces that motivate each candidate and establish a candidate matrix to help compare the value proposition and industry experience of each candidate. With a short list of potential candidates in hand, we will work together with our client to present final candidates for in-person interviews.

As the list of candidates narrows to the final executive who is being considered for position, our team will then facilitate the offer negotiations and secure the acceptance by the executive. We will then reach out to the other candidates to inform them of the client’s decision and conclude the search.


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