We work with a very select group of clients – and we place a premium on confidentiality.

Our team strives to exceed expectations, so we approach each conversation with a high degree of respect and subject matter sensitivity.

At LINK, it is the personal relationship with each and every one of our clients that has been the hallmark of our success. The executives we recruit are high performers who may be actively employed. We completely understand the risk you are taking when you begin to look for something “different” or the “next challenge.” We are also sensitive to the fact that your confidentiality in the interview process is paramount when considering external opportunities or fractional/interim roles. We take every step to ensure that your privacy is both protected and respected by those in the process.

Just as we extend this confidentiality to you, we also have many searches are truly “confidential.” There are many business issues or considerations that dictate secrecy or discretion when engaged a retained search process. These considerations may be personnel or strategy related. Respecting this choice allows for both discussions to be open and free to protect all parties engaged.

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